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Falex Tribology at Materials 2016

Our competence and technology 
at Materials 2016 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands
 on 20 and 21 April 2016

Come and visit us at our stand Nr 99

Materials 2016
You can find us in the special theme area on Smart Coatings

We present our competences and the TETRA BASALT® N2, our answer to high precision demands of today's tribology and material surface measurements.

Conceived to be modular in manufacturing, this test system can adapt easily to various requirements in surface and coatings testing.

Some application examples of high precision testing will be presented at the stand.


More info on the Tetra Basalt N2

Basalt N2 

Our co-exhibitor -  Tetra GmbH - develops and manufactures systems and components of sensors, robotics and automation. The product portfolio ranges from highly specialized test and production systems for micro and nano technology to lightweight robotic systems for automation of sensitive production and service processes.


Mikrocentrum NL organizes the trade fair Materials 2016 on 20 and 21 April in Veldhoven.

The third edition builds on three pillars: properties – applications – solutions.

Visitors will be informed about (new) materials, heat treatment, analysis technologies, conversion technologies, surface technologies, joints technologies, recycling, shortage, damage research and specialist material processes. Keywords :  corrosion, adhesion, temperature resistance, recycling, recyclability, wear resistance, frictional resistance, UV-resistance and deformability.

This leads to more recognizability within the application market, but also creates an interesting crossover between different markets, which will inspire the visitor and provide him or her with new insights. In short, Materials 2016 has much to offer her visitors!

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