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In 2010, we obtained distribution rights for the TETRA BASALT line of precision test equipment. The first two units, the BASALT-C  PISTON SIMULATOR and BASALT-M MULTISTATION PIN ON DISK are operational in our lab.


Together with the BASALT-N microtribometer (a.k.a. as the MUST tester), we now have a complete line of high precision friction measurement systems to complement our 10 high load tribometers from Falex, Plint and Optimol.


The focus for the BASALT systems lies on precision of the friction measurement and load application.  

We encounter many industrial challenges, where seemingly similar products have different field performance. Sometimes, the differences are very subtle and higher precision of force measurements is needed.


In addition, the BASALT systems are designed for fast, efficient testing, which is always a benefit for our customers.



More information on the first units can be found on our products pages, under 'PRECISION TRIBOMETERS' or follow this link.



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